The need for Phlebotomist

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Why Is There Such a Need for Phlebotomists?

There are two primary reasons why there is a shortage:

Aging population. The baby boomer generation is getting older. As a result, they need more blood tests to diagnose conditions. Older people also need blood tests during routine checkups to make sure things like blood sugar levels are optimal .Advancements in technology. Nowadays, more conditions and illnesses can be diagnosed with blood tests than ever before. They can discover conditions like anemia and even cancer. They can also show if you have normal levels of white blood cells and red blood cells. An imbalance can signal a condition or disease.

These two factors have had a significant impact on how many phlebotomists are needed throughout America.

Phlebotomy is a unique job that requires a specific type of training. You might think that any medical professional would be equipped to draw blood, but that isn’t the case. So, major medical facilities and small clinics alike are hiring phlebotomists constantly.

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