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Open Enrollment for CPT

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Phlebotomy Services of America is now offering our New Virtual Certified Phlebotomy Courses Nationally.

All Programs will provide unlimited study material to prepare you for the National Certified Phlebotomy Tech. Certification.

Virtual Classes : Become a National Certified Phlebotomist.

Classes are 8 Weeks

Class meet twice a week Virtually with Phlebotomy Instructor?

Work at your own pace.

The demand for phlebotomist will continue to grow 25% through 2026, much faster than average. Phlebotomy Services of America will offer several different classes to help out in the demand for Phlebotomist.

1. Become A National Certified Phlebotomist : This Course is for Beginners

2. Enhance your CPT Skills: This Course is for phlebotomist that's National Certified Phlebotomist that doesn't have enough experience to be hire: This Course will give you 6 months of phlebotomy experience to add to your resume to help you get the job of your dreams.

3. Refresh and Re-Certified Course: This Course will get you back on track by refreshing your knowledge, this course will allow you to recertified your national (CPT)certification.

These courses are offered virtually and nationally.

Call for Registration: 205-378-8040

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