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 Phlebotomy Services of America  was founded on the core principle of improving the access to phlebotomy by providing mobile phlebotomy services to our community.

Our thoughtful and personalized approach to mobile phlebotomy means we're fully committed to our customers. 

Our team has more than 39 combined years of experience in  blood drawing, urine, swabbing procedures in pediatrics, adult, special needs, and geriatric patients.

We value your time and health by understanding that efficiency, safety & convenience are the keys to execute all of the collection procedures for our clients. 

Leave the directions to us, let us come to you.


Why Us?

* We're experienced in pediatrics, adult, adolescents, special needs and geriatric patients.

*We're a multifaceted lab collection company with experience in collecting

urine, blood, swabbing, hair, nail.


* We have strong organizational skills and detail orient for accuracy in specimen processing and delivery of specimens  to preferred laboratory

* Dynamic scheduling 

*We offer competitive pricing for large groups


* We make life easy, whether you're at work, at home or you don't like long wait times. Let us come to you.

Who we serve

*Medical Clinics

* Lawyers 

* Laboratories

* Hospitals

*Health Fairs


* Physicians 


*Home Health Agencies

*Life Insurance Agencies

*Research Teams

*Homebound Patients


our mobile services

* Kits for specialty labs

* Routine blood collection- All ages

* DNA collection (legal and informational

*Clinical research collections

*Early gender reveal testing (Sneak Peek labs) testing can be done as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy

* Fasting required blood work

* Covid-19 Testing and antibodies

* Drug Testing- urine, hair and blood. 

If there is a service not mention please contact us.

How it works

*Book appointment online, by phone or email to speak with one of our experts.

* If you have a doctor's order, you will email or fax it to us.

* Prepare for your blood draw as recommended by your doctor, lab or by one of our experts.

* A phlebotomist will arrive to the location of your choice on the date and time

of your scheduled appointment.

After our Phlebotomist has collected the  specimens ( blood, urine, DNA, etc.) they will process the specimen for transport or ship the specimen to preferred location.